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Creation of E.COLI producer strains

Getting recombinant proteins in E. coli.
We carry out projects from the design of protein amino acid sequences and gene synthesis to the development of a pilot industrial regulation for the production of pharmacopoeial-quality recombinant protein substance.
  • Free Gene Optimization
  • Guaranteed Protein Service
  • Term from 4 weeks
Создание штаммов продуцентов E.coli

Possible project structure:

Discussion with the customer
  • Determining the purpose of use
  • Literature analysis
  • Suggestion of implementation options
  • Drafting of TA
  • Conclusion of an agreement
Creation of a producer
  • Amino acid sequence design (bioinformatics analysis, 3D modeling)
  • Gene synthesis and creation of an expression construct
  • Creation of a producer strain
  • Expression level check
Chromatographic Purification
  • Protein isolation
  • Refolding (if needed)
  • Development of chromatographic purification technology
Quality control
  • Determination of protein purity and identity (HPLC, Western blot)
  • Determination of concentration
  • Determination of the endotoxins level
  • Determination of the producer strain proteins and DNA amount
Determination of protein activity
  • Development of a method and determination of the activity of a purified recombinant protein
  • Preparing a report and sending the protein and producer to the Customer

Examples of obtained recombinant


The whole range of services:

  • Chimeric proteins 3D structure modeling
  • Creation of expression constructs
  • Obtaining of recombinant protein strain-producer
  • Optimization of cultivation conditions and expression induction
  • Production of producer strain biomass in fermenters from 5 l to 100 l
  • Development and optimization of recombinant protein isolation and purification technology
  • Development and optimization of recombinant protein refolding technology
  • Confirmation of the recombinant protein identity by HPLC and Western blot
  • Development of a method for determining recombinant protein specific activity
  • Development of quality control methods
  • Scaling the technology for production, isolation and purification of recombinant protein
  • Development of laboratory regulations for obtaining recombinant protein
  • Development of a pilot-industrial technology for obtaining a recombinant protein
  • Technology transfer to a laboratory or production site
  • Supply of reagents and equipment, commissioning and installation for the developed production line
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