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Development of dietary supplements

ATG Service Gene provides services for the development of dietary supplements and specialized food products. Our services include, among other things, the selection of new combinations of biologically active substances, the selection of enhancers, testing the effectiveness of their action in vitro and in vivo, and support for the production and registration of dietary supplements.
Разработка БАД и спп

Development of dietary supplements and functional products

The design teams of our specialists develop recipes for biologically active additives and functional foods.

We develop both original products - individually developed recipes, and analogues of popular brands with improved bioavailability and efficiency.

We implement solutions to protect active components from oxidation, hydrolysis, enzymatic degradation, volatilization, excessive hygroscopicity.

We conduct appropriate studies to confirm the increase in the effectiveness and bioavailability of the developed composition in vitro and in vivo.

Raw materials for production - both Russian and foreign manufacturers, coming into development after passing the input quality control.

In addition to development services, we also provide registration support and are ready to assist partners in creating a marketing concept for products, generating product names, registering trademarks, and making packaging design layouts.
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