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ATG Service Gene

We perform molecular biological experiments of
any complexity
ATG Service Gene
We perform molecular biological experiments of
any complexity
The hybrid antigen developed by us carries the antigenic determinants (epitopes) of all structural proteins of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus.

Our invention formed the basis for the CoronaDerm-PS test system by the Saint-Petersburg Pasteur Institute
(Eurasian patent application, number 202190517 dated 03/11/2021).

Currently, clinical trials have been completed and the drug is being registered with the Russian Federation Ministry of Health.
Benefits of our protein for use in test systems:
1. Clear and reliable demonstration of the formed cellular immune response to SARS-CoV-2;
2. No special equipment is required for the test;
3. Fast and scalable production;
4. Safety of the drug, due to:
- the infectious agent is not used in the production,
- the medicinal product does not contain fragments homologous to fragments of huymsn proteins,
- does not cause complications caused by coronavirus.
The development of the hybrid antigen was a continuation of the work on the development of a DNA vaccine against COVID-19, which we have been conducting since 2020.
5. Specificity of action. The drug has no homology with known proteins from organisms other than coronavirus;
6. High sensitivity.
08/12/2022. Invention patent application filed (No. IN-53639/EA-NF)
Vaccine for the prevention and treatment of coronavirus infection
A vector DNA vaccine providing delivery of SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus gene fragments encoding M, S, N, E protein regions and their expression in human cells has been developed. Regions of the M, S, N, E proteins for the vaccine were selected based on their T-cell immunogenicity.

In addition to stimulating the formation of antibodies, the vaccine activates the T-cell immune response, which is the main one in the case of a viral infection. This is extremely important for the formation of stable immunity, independent of virus mutations.

The vaccine forms an immune response and prevent the penetration of the virus to the cells, but does not cause a malfunction of the body's systems, because it does not contain or encode either whole coronavirus proteins or vector constructs based on other viruses.

03.12.2021. An international application for an invention patent has been filed (PCT/RU2021/050415)

years of experience
awards and medals
ATG Service Gen is one of the first companies that performs various molecular biological works (synthesis of genes and peptides, creation of producer strains for the recombinant proteins and plasmid DNA expression, R&D of any complexity, etc.).

Since 2004, almost all state scientific organizations in Russia and the CIS countries, many biotechnological and pharmaceutical companies have successfully cooperated with us.


Genes and genetic constructs synthesis

We have synthesized over 200 genes ranging in length from 150 to 8000 bp. We have experience in gene synthesizing with a large number of repeats, high G/C composition and genes containing various regulatory elements.

We perform nucleotide sequence optimization in order to increase gene expression in a given organism, remove restriction sites, and increase the stability of the mRNA structure for free.

Peptides synthesis

Peptides synthesis for research purposes in the amount of 1 mg to 10 g. At your request, additional modifications of peptidessuch as: acetylation, addition of a fluorescent tag (FITC), closing of disulfide bonds, etc could be performed. The length of the peptide that we can successfully synthesize is not limited.

R&D of any complexity

Development of R&D of any complexity by project teams of research engineers, biochemists, physiologists, geneticists, biotechnologists, bioengineers and technologists.

ATG Service Gene is currently successfully developing fundamental, exploratory and applied R&D in cooperation with leading research institutes and commercial organizations.

Development of dietary supplements and cosmetics

ATG Service Gene provides services for the development of dietary supplements. Our services include, among other things, the selection of new combinations of biologically active substances, the selection of enhancers of their action, testing the effectiveness of their action in vitro and in vivo, and support for the production and registration of dietary supplements.


ATG Service Gene offers a number of modern methods for the analysis of biological samples.

  • HPLC
  • Endotoxins detection
  • Host cell protein detection
  • Other tests

Reagents supply

The ATG Service Gene company has maintained a reliable partnership with many foreign colleagues. So we are ready to offer express delivery of foreign-made reagents.


Our employees are highly qualified specialists in the fields of genetics, biochemistry, microbiology and biotechnology, with experience both in science and in production.
Over the years, the team has created more than 50 unique developments.
Among the members of the team there are candidates and doctors of sciences.

Participation in exhibitions

We regularly present our inventions at international exhibitions in Russia, Japan, Germany, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Serbia, Cyprus and the USA.

Our inventions have received many awards

Special awards for the best invention
1 place
At the Geneva Exhibition of Innovations
Gold medals
Silver medals
Bronze medals
Special cups
2018 yaer
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