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PEPTIDES Synthesis

  • Any modification of peptides: acetylation, phosphorylation, amidation, myristylation, acetylation, incorporation of D-amino acids, addition of a fluorescent tag (FITC), addition of chromogenic groups, closing of disulfide bonds.
  • Conjugation of peptides with carrier proteins (KLH and BSA)
  • The synthesized peptides are supplied with a passport containing analytical RP-HPLC data and mass spectrometry data.
  • The term for the synthesis and analysis of an unmodified peptide is 20-50 working days.
Синтез пептидов

Peptides for research purposes in an amount of 1 mg to 10 g.

The length of the peptides is from 2 to 40 aa.

(The price for the synthesis of peptides less than 6 ak and more than 30 ak is negotiated separately).

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